The Bee-Team

The Bee-Team rescues the world!

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Six-year-old Oskar and his four-year-old sister Romy from the Tumbawunda Valley make a dreadful discovery in the spring: there is no humming or buzzing anywhere. Have the wild bees in the garden gone? And there’s more. There are far fewer birds in the garden, fewer rabbits in the field. What’s going on out there in the wild? It’s still on their minds when they go to bed that night. They can’t get the wild bees and animals out of their heads.

Half asleep, fearing for bumblebees, squirrels, hedgehogs and the like, they recite the magic code. They call out the „Bee-Team“! Before you know it, Oskar and Romy are right in the middle of it all. Together with the ninjas from the „Fantastic Ten“ and the Pink Ice Princess Gang, the „Bee-Team“ shakes the entire Tumbawunda Valley up. But will that be enough to save them all?

In the end, not only the Tumbawunda Valley but the whole world will be turned upside down.

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