Christmas Tales – After Work

Complete and utter silence…

 The working day was done. Peace and quiet reigned in Santa’s Secret City up at the North Pole. Snowmen with wings were dotted all over the place, and the butterflies and elves had built a castle for having snowball fights in.

 Father Christmas was sitting in his rocking chair on the veranda after work as usual, slurping on a cup of chocolate tea with a candy floss topping. All was quiet.

 All was quiet?

 “Hmmm,” mumbled Santa, knowing this was probably the lull before the storm!

 No sooner had the thought entered his head as the phoenix and the three electric blue fireflies wandered round the corner. Their footsteps left watery trails in front of Father Christmas before freezing back to ice again.

 “Jabber, jabber, jabber,” the squad chatted away in their vaguely comprehensible dialect, discussing who they thought was the best driver.

 A little voice in Santa’s head told him to lean forward in his rocking chair to get a better view.


 Hey presto, suddenly he could see that the young reindeer were not in their pens.

 “Hrrrmph!” he mumbled, lifting his cup.  He was about to take another sip when a monstrous noise almost knocked him from his chair:



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 Followed by a short silence and then:


 “Dar-fo! Dar-fo! Dar-fo!”

 Clack-clack-clack all the brightly coloured floodlights came on, lighting up a stand of snowy seats around Father Christmas, which was full of elves waving their flags.

 “Son-ya! Son-ya! Son-ya!” some of them were chanting.

“Joh-nny! Joh-nny! Joh-nny!” shouted others.

 The fearless pilots nosedived from the sky, twisting past the chocolate factory, almost knocking down the bakery with their reindeer before racing down the home straight right in front of Santa’s house, amid screams from their avid fans.

 Everyone agreed that Martha was not likely to be the winner! Her reindeer was dressed in pink and it kept stopping to look at the scenery and sniff the trees, eventually trotting along miles behind Sonya, Johnny and Darfo’s reindeer.

 They, on the other hand, were going at full pelt, but just before the finish line, they all stopped and waited for their meandering little friend! They didn’t go over the line until they were all together.

 “Yippeeeee!” the elves cried – no winners, no losers… well, they were all winners.

 “Ho, ho, ho!” laughed Santa, blowing on his hot chocolate tea and rocking in his chair.

 They all loved a bit of fun up at the North Pole!

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