Christmas Tales – How to Process Wish Lists

The snow fell softly on Santa’s Secret City at the North Pole. Frost decorated the window panes in flowery patterns and candlelight flickered in the windows of some of the buildings, where people had already started work.

 Clunk, went the stamp. Clunk!

 Stamp it and pass it on… The butterfly grabbed it and dashed off.


 Next stamp.  Pass it on. The next butterfly grabbed it and dashed off.


 Next stamp.  Pass it on again…

 – Sudden pause –

 “Huh?”  Santa turned around inquisitively.

 “Sorry!” Johnny mumbled between cheeks full of candy floss, grabbing the wish list and dashing off at double speed.


 And the stamp – missed.

 “Just a minute,” said Santa.  He scratched his forehead, deep in thought. “Can you bring back those last two wish lists?”

 Gulp! Darfo and Johnny went chalky white.

 “Ermmm… of course.”

 Sloooooowly, verrrrrrry sloooooowly, they went back and collected the last two sheets.


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  “Can you not get a move on? We need to be ready by December 24th!” his deep voice boomed. Father Christmas was only up to ‘M’ and they didn’t have much time left.

 They scurried back and handed over the requested wish lists. The phoenix flew by and swooped in to take a look, aflame with curiosity.

 The most important man of the year compared the wish list in his hand to the other two.

 “Drat!” hissed Darfo, but so quietly that Santa couldn’t possibly hear.

 He had given Johnny extra candy floss in exchange for neat handwriting. He only wanted to make sure that Martha got more presents! They’d even given  Martha three names: Martha (her real name), Martha the Beautiful (Darfo’s idea) and Martha the Princess (Johnny’s idea). The address was the only thing that was the same on all three wish lists: ‘Butterfly House’.

 “Do three Marthas live in your house?” Santa looked up.

 “Yuh, uh, absolutely” nodded the two boys.

 Please, let him just put his ‘OK’ stamp on it and let us carry on!  Darfo began to think about how wonderful it would be when Martha looked under the Christmas tree. He would be really popular then. And when girls are happy they get all emotional and hug and stuff… and if he just happened to be standing right next to her… But all of that seemed in danger now.

 PUFF! The phoenix panicked and turned into a cloud of ash. Father Christmas squinted down at his Little Helpers. The butterfly boys stood there like innocent little lambs.


 The elves sounded the workshop bell as they suspected a production error.

 “We’re running out of time!”

 “Hmmmm.” Santa sighed heavily. “Alright, I suppose I’d better take your word for it.”


 It was stamped!!! Darfo grabbed the wish lists and zipped around the corner grinning… and then squealed to a halt. He looked left and right, up and down – not a soul there – excellent! He took a boiled egg out of his jacket pocket and the stack of wish lists from up his jumper. Carefully he rolled the egg over the fresh, damp stamp and then rolled it onto each of the wish lists… wish lists from Martha the Lovely, Martha the Eternal, Martha the Star, Martha the One and Only, Martha the…

 It’d be a sorry state of affairs if butterfly boys didn’t manage to wangle themselves a few extra kisses at Christmas!

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