Christmas Tales – Magic Stars

A golden comet fell from the sky, shining brighter than the sea of stars. A little more snow fell and covered Santa’s Secret City like a layer of icing sugar.  Martha and Darfo cuddled up together. They’d finished work for the day and the factory was closed.

 “Hee, hee, hee!” giggled the two elves cuddling next to them.

 “Have you got room for an old couple?” asked Mrs Claus, as she and Santa joined them. She laid a blanket over everyone’s legs.

 “Isn’t it beautiful out here?” said Mrs Claus, prodding Martha in the side.

 “Hee, hee, hee!” Martha giggled, beaming at her. “So you got our invitation?”

 “We sure did, we sure did,” mumbled Santa, who felt a bit uncomfortable in such a romantic atmosphere.

 Mrs Claus, Martha and all the girl elves had declared today the “Girls’-Love-Light-North-Pole-Day’ and there were to be no objections! Darfo, powerless to do anything, simply shrugged his shoulders and looked over to Santa.

 “That’s women for you!” said Santa, leaning back. They had promised him something ‘really special’, which turned out to be a diversion to stop him thinking of things like ‘go and repair the sleigh’!

 Soon, all the seats were filled with elf couples, cuddling up to each other to keep warm. Mrs Claus passed pre-heated cups around her group and poured them strawberry tea with a candy floss topping.  Then Martha nodded and winked to her, giving the signal to begin. Silence fell among the fairy-tale audience. Then suddenly:

 “Give us a kiss!”

 Everyone could hear a voice whisper to Sonja, who promptly gave the offender a kick up the bum… and out tumbled Johnny, landing right in front of everybody! Shocked to be standing in front of an audience, Johnny got up, brushed away the snow and tried to gather himself. He gave a polite bow and cleared his throat.

 “Hear ye, hear ye!” he proclaimed. “Ladies and gentlemen, kissers and snoggers! This evening, I am delighted to be able to present to you the  Reindeer Show…” he broke off, pointing at some invisible soul apparently standing behind the wall, and tapped his forehead.


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 “Hey, no way am I saying that!”

 No-one could tell who the hidden person was, but they could see a butterfly’s fists waving about threateningly in the air. Johnny wiped pearls of sweat from his brow.

 “Okay, okay!” he said and turned back to the audience, calling:

 “And now for Santa’s Love-Light Show for Heartbreakers – or those who’d like to become one!” The elves all looked at each other in surprise. Darfo couldn’t help but suppress a giggle.

 “Hee, hee, hee!”

 When Johnny heard the boys laughing, he stomped off behind the wall in a huff… which was the signal for the spectacle in the sky to begin.

 It was a dark night. Then, all of a sudden, thousands of stars rained from the sky down to earth, first one or two and then countless stars together. Up above in the sky, the show had begun that everybody would still be talking about years later.

 Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen appeared out of nowhere, galloping towards the shooting stars, their silver tails streaming behind them. Once they had caught up with the stars, they screeched to a halt.  Everyone stared in amazement: they were using their reindeer magic!

 The reindeer jumped and danced in front of each shooting star, bringing each one to life with a puff of magic. The golden stars stopped falling and rose back into the sky, only to then fall back to earth again.

 This time it was clear to see that on their way back down, they were searching for happy couples. Everyone was staring up at the night sky with their mouths wide open. Each shooting star chose a couple and flew down to them, winding a magic, golden thread around and around them until they were completely bound together.

 Making sure they still had enough thread left, the golden stars then leapt up in front of their audience and shot up into the sky, drawing golden heart shapes for all to see, before shooting off forever into the depths of space.

 Slowly, the magical, golden threads tightened around the couples, drawing them closer and closer together. They were filled with magical feelings of happiness, trust, comfort, expectation… things that couldn’t really be described in words.

 How long this condition would last, Johnny and Sonya didn’t quite know.  Plenty long enough, that was for sure, so they sneaked off to their beds to get some sleep.

 Santa and Mrs Claus, Martha and Darfo and all the other elves had no idea how long the feeling would last either. This magical feeling of happiness from the stars was a gift of love that would never die. Christmas was the festival of love, for all eternity…

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