Christmas Tales – Secret Snacks

The snow fell softly on Santa’s Secret City at the North Pole. The snowflakes allowed themselves to be carried by the light breeze until they found a nice place to settle.

 Secretly, ever-so secretly, the fluttersome secret agents crept into Santa’s bedroom.   “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!” snored Santa.

“Hee, hee, hee!”


 The electric blue fireflies held their hands over their mouths to stifle their nervous giggles.

 Darfo and Johnny rushed to the foot end of the bed. Martha and Sonya slid the bar of chocolate right up close to Santa.  He didn’t wake up.

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!” he carried on snoring loudly. Of course he needed his sleep because he’d soon have lots of work to do.

 “Hurry up!” Johnny hissed to Darfo.

 “I am doing, I am doing!” Darfo snapped back.


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 Johnny lifted up the covers and Darfo took a feather out of his leather pouch.  Santa wiggled his toes.

 “Oooh!” Martha exclaimed loudly, quite by accident!  With a big snore and a snort, their victim turned over: goodness, gracious, great butterflies of fire!

 One big PUFF and the phoenix changed back to ashes in fright. But the old man just wiggled his bum and turned back over.

 “PHEWWW!” they all breathed out. With a bright flash, the phoenix burst back to life from the ashes and positioned himself by the door as lookout. Then it was three, two, one, TICKLE TIME! Darfo set about Santa’s feet with the feather.  It didn’t take long before Santa was laughing in his sleep and a crackling, golden glow ran up and down his body: Santa’s magic!

 This is just what the bunch of rascals were aiming at, because as soon as the magic glow touched the bar of chocolate, the chocolate burst into a hundred-million-trillion-squillion-zillion pieces just like popcorn, “Pop-pop-pop… Pop-pop… Pop-pop-pop-pop-POP!” and there was chocolate everywhere.

 “Hooray!” they rejoiced (in a whisper), waving their arms around wildly to catch as many pieces as they could.

 Darfo dropped the feather, they all grabbed as much as they could carry and vanished out into the night.

 My-oh-my!  At this time of year they worked from dawn till dusk helping  Santa, and that made getting hold of a decent snack at the North Pole very complicated!

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