Christmas Tales – Operation Wish List

Once upon a time, not long before Christmas, winter fell upon the land and thoughts turned to peace all over the world.

 Snowflakes sought their way from above the rooftops to Santa’s Secret City at the North Pole, as did the brave butterflies Darfo, Martha, Sonya and Johnny, along with their companions, the three electric blue fireflies and the fearful phoenix. They had one mission: to make Christmas bigger, better and more perfect!

 The butterflies are daily visitors to begin with, but soon become Santa’s Official Little Helpers and are allowed to move into living quarters at Santa’s Secret City.

 These 24 + 1 stories tell of the little rascals’ adventures as they seek out their old friend Santa again this year. Some are short, some are long – simply glide into a fairy tale world.

Of course there’s no question that the stories are true.

Here’s how it all began…


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Operation Wish List

 The snow fell softly on Santa’s Secret City at the North Pole. The houses looked like they’d been dusted with a coat of icing sugar. All was peaceful and quiet, but for a very faint sound:

 “Pssssst, careful, be really careful!” whispered Darfo Butterfly to Martha, who was balancing on a huge pile of paper, wobbling as she tried to add more pages.  The little rascal peered around the pile cautiously. Golden light poured from the open door at the end of the corridor.

 HE was sitting at his desk going through his lists.  They could clearly hear him sighing and scratching his head.  Scrat, scrat, scrat.


 Martha Butterfly nodded vigorously and scrambled down, all of a tizzy. She had such butterflies in her tummy!

 The smell of mince pies and sherry was wafting into the store room from the magical office.

 “It’s high time we got out of here, otherwise he’ll be thinking there’s no end to all our back orders!”

 “Okay,” whispered little Martha in almost a giggle. Without daring to take their eyes off the office door, the Wish List Team crept backwards carefully, sooooo carefully, to the secret, hidden door at the back of the room up here at the North Pole.

 There was nothing quite like carrots for keeping Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen occupied. “Chomp, chomp, chomp!” was all they could hear from the barn as they sneaked past.

 They crept out into the wintry air. Their fireflies were waiting for them, glowing electric blue, and their friend the phoenix circled watchfully in the sky.  Johnny the Macho Butterfly and Sonya the Butterfly Warrior had been keeping a lookout. They’d done it! The little rascals heaved a great sigh of relief. Now dozens more children would be getting their Christmas presents. Gosh, the things they got up to, just so that children all over the world could have their dearest wishes granted!

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