Christmas Tales – The Chocolate Santa Factory

The sweet smell of candy floss, biscuits and sherry wafted around Santa’s Secret City at the North Pole. The whole place was buzzing with activity. The elves dashed about frantically and the reindeer were galloping around a specially built snow test track. The phoenix and the electric blue fireflies were making ice sculptures by melting the ice and forming it into beautiful stars, deer and other figurines.

 Father Christmas was stuck in his office mumbling and muttering as he worked his way through a mountainous pile of wish lists. Mrs Claus had taken charge of the Christmas bakery once more when suddenly, BANG!!!

 A big explosion sounded out, shaking everyone and everything up.  Coffee cups fell from the table, fairy tale books fell from the shelves and the sprinkler system immediately sprang into action, spraying liquid sugar everywhere to smother any flames.

 Red warning lights flashed on Santa’s computer, indicating that the explosion had taken place in the chocolate factory. He swallowed hard and a shudder went down his spine.

 “Oh goodness, gracious me!” he gasped. Martha, Darfo, Sonya and Johnny were working there today!

 Quick as a flash, he grabbed his red coat, pulled on his red hat and dashed off in his big, heavy boots. The elves had downed tools and were heading in the direction of the sirens.

 The troubled gulps and cries of the butterflies could be heard from afar:

 “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!”


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 The little rascals were in danger. Smoke was billowing out of the window into the dark polar night.

 “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!” cried the butterflies, and their friends hurried to rescue them as fast as they possibly could.

 However, no sooner had the first elves reached the big factory doors as Father Christmas could see them smiling and clapping their hands to their heads.

Clap–clap-clap, one after the other!

 Puzzled and still worried, Father Christmas reached the scene and took a deep breath.

 “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!”

 Martha, Darfo, Sonya and Johnny were rolling on the floor holding their tummies. The rescuers breathed a big sigh of relief. It was quite common for the chocolate machine to explode when the elves were working there. It happened most every day, which is why Father Christmas had sent the butterflies in – but that had been a total waste of time too! The little rascals were no more able to withstand temptation than were the elves!  The magical Chocolate Santa mix was sooooo delicious that anyone with a sweet tooth couldn’t help but try a spoonful… and a second… and then a third… until the machine finally blew up because the tank was empty!

 Ho-hum, it made no difference whether the elves or the butterflies were working in the Chocolate Santa Factory – the magical chocolate mixture had the same effect on all of them!

 There they lay on the floor, bellies full and faces green, groaning and feeling sick. Just another normal day at the North Pole!

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